Industry and Process Focus

We provide value-added services in the following industries and business processes:

NETWORKS: debit or credit acquisition networks and banking system interconnection:

  • Transactional management supported by the switch, including clearing and settlement, and fraud prevention.
  • System management of credit, debit, prepaid and other cards, from both the issuance and acquisition perspectives.
  • Management of ATM devices, Self-service terminals (SST) and Points-of-Sale (POS).

BANKS: Financial institutions, including banks, national or international fund transfer networks, cooperatives, credit institutions, credit unions, etc.:

  • Multichannel management of all electronic channels: ATM, SST, POS, IVR, Call Center, Web, Mobile, National Networks, International Networks (Visa, MasterCard, etc.).
  • Management of systems based on credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and other card types, covering both issuance and acquisition functions. Correspondent banking.
  • Management of ATM, SST and POS devices.

RETAILERS: retail chains, including both large generic areas and specialty stores:

  • Management of systems based on private brand cards, affinity cards, credit cards and gift cards.
  • Connectivity with payment networks.
  • Management of SST and POS devices.


  • Healthcare: authorization of medical service provisions.
  • Micro Payments: management of e-wallet based on cards or mobile devices for public transport, kiosks, etc.
  • Telcos: sale of airtime, internet access, movies and other prepaid electronic services.