The replacement of core tools used for payment systems is business critical to maintain or gain competitive advantages. It also brings a strong impact due to the efforts involved in migration or installation.

KPI Advisors helps clients throughout the process of selecting applications and technology providers, providing support for the analysis of the documents received in response to Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and bidding processes.

Our advice helps clients have a better understanding of how to conduct a process for the selection and contracting of software or outsourcing providers, and/or for the acquiring of technology, freeing key decision-makers to focus on strategic activities and getting them involved at the right stages of the process.

To carry out this process successfully, KPI Advisors applies its experience leading strategic acquiring projects and facilitates successful contracting, including a combination of business expertise, insights of the competitive environment, and an understanding of long-term strategic objectives.

The expertise of our staff in these areas drives successful results, including leadership of internal and external teams, and articulated planning to achieve the expected results in due time and manner.

Our experience in contract negotiation and structuring with providers and business partners leads to the establishment of long-term relations, maximizing profitability and improving service levels.