We work with clients to help them comply with the requirements of international brands or standards (VISA, MasterCard, EMVCo, AMEX, NFC, etc.). Our compliance consulting practice includes advice on the certification of processes and systems used by financial institutions issuing credit and/or debit cards or electronic transaction acquirers, as well as processing companies engaged in Acquiring, routing and authorization of these transaction types (credit/debit).

These requirements that apply to financial institutions applying for certification with international brands are aimed at guaranteeing the functionality, interoperability and security of their products under international standards, which are necessary conditions to operate in the global payment market.

Our company has experts in the process of ensuring compliance with credit card brand security requirements. Taking existing systems and processes as a starting point, our experts perform a gap analysis to understand the effort and plan the necessary actions to obtain certification. Appropriate definition and planning enable clients to leverage cost efficiencies in the process of ensuring compliance with the standards, and to improve the time to market of their products (credit cards).